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How to Sell Your Home

How to Sell Your Home

  • Considering the sale of your Southern VT or Berkshire home within the next 12 months? If you're like most consumers contemplating the sale of a house, you've already search the internet. Wow! All the information available today can be overwhelming! Where to start?
  • Like a good story, the best place to start is at the beginning. Three factors determine the salability of your home:
    • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Real estate is very locale in nature. The national news, statistics & trends are helpful; however, the locale current economic conditions & the future direction of your area the most factual information available in determining the salability of your home.
      • The town, city, neighborhood you live in must be taken into consideration in the sale of your home.
      • Your abutters do impact the sale of you home. If you abut blighted buildings, your selling price will be less; if you have single family homes in superb shape, your selling price will be higher.
    • CONDITION. There are so many houses for sale, buyers don't even consider homes in need of repair unless it has a bargain basement list price.
      • A well-maintained homes bursting with pride of ownership with outshine its competitors!
      • If your home has dated kitchen & baths, I recommend simple, low cost enhancements not complete renovations. Most sellers do not recoup high ticket renovations in the sale of their home in today's market.
      • Proper staging is one of the most important features you must gauge in order to recoup your expenditures. For your convenience, we've made a downloadable version of our brochure, "Monarch Realty Inc.'s Low Cost Staging Recommendations.pdf" available online.
    • PRICE! It is the most important factor in today's market! If your house is listed above current market conditions, you will lose prospective buyers and valuable marketing time. If your house is listed below current market conditions you will lose money. Quick tips to consider:
      • Recently sold homes. How many homes have sold recently in your area and how do they compare to yours?
      • Your competition. How many homes are presently for sale in your area and how does your home compare to them?
      • Location & Condition. You must take the location & condition into consideration in the pricing your home.
      • List Price. Most sellers still have a tendency to over price their home! Big mistake. It is the most important factor in selling your home! Examine all the facts & consider future trends before your price your house.
  • Put all your worries aside! Here at Monarch Realty Inc. our agents we can help you save time, energy & money. We provide you a no cost/no obligation, current market analysis (CMA), a detailed report which determines the fair market value of your home and a recommended list price.
  • Your best option for selling your home quickly at the highest price possible is to give the job to us! We can put the "SOLD!" sign on your house! Connect to Selling With Us & let us put a "SOLD" sign on your property too! For your convenience, we've made a downloadable version of our brochure, "Top 10 Reasons to List with Monarch Realty Inc".pdf" available online.

 To receive a free "Selling Your Home in Today's Market" please contact us and one will be promptly emailed to you.

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