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Our History:

Monarch Realty Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation; the entrepreneurial spirit is in the family bloodline! Our grandmother, Doris Hansen, was a trailblazer! She single-handedly managed her first business in 1932 at a time when women still belonged in the kitchen! 
Confident, bold and gutsy, Grandma had a deep desire in her heart to be a business owner and possessed the fearlessness needed to pursue her dream! Conquering many obstacles and remaining true to her heart, our Grandmother exceeded her dreams and owned several lucrative businesses during her lifetime.
Doris Hansen’s granddaughter and son-in-law, Colleen and Mitch Zajac, picked up the family torch in 1992 and opened In-2-It Sector Services, a home-based business specializing in timber harvesting. 
Colleen purchased the timber rights from landowners and sold the cut timber to sawmills in various locations, including Canada. Mitch managed the on-site projects. Even though the business blossomed, many landowners wanted to sell their land, not only the timber rights. Aiming to please her customers, Colleen obtained her real estate license!
In-2-It Sector Services flourished! In 2000 Colleen and Mitch, along with Colleen’s sisters, Doreen Coones and Kim Coones, opened Monarch Timber Harvesting Inc. a timber harvesting and real estate firm! 
Due to the unexpected success of the real estate side of the business, the family elected to focus solely on the expansion of the realty; in 2003 Monarch Realty Inc. was established!
Today Monarch Realty Inc. remains a family-owned and operated boutique real estate brokerage specializing in buyer representation and seller representation in the purchase and/or sale of residential, multi-family, condominium, investment, commercial properties, foreclosures, and raw land.

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