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Staging Tips from Monarch Realty Inc.

  • Staging your home is 1 of the most important assignments of your home selling process!  A properly staged home adds value to the selling price, outshines its competitors & highly improves the chances of getting it SOLD!
  • A properly staged home emits a welcoming, inviting ambience to buyers &  persuades them to schedule a showing to admire, in person, all the hard work you've put into preparing your home to get it SOLD!
  • While a properly staged home can be labor intensive, it does not require a huge outlay of cash!  We are experts at knowing which details of your property to focus your time & energy on to get it SOLD!


Monarch Realty Inc.'s Top 3 Low Cost Staging Tips:

1. Curb Appeal.  The outside of your home is the 1st facet a potential buyer surveys when arriving for a showing or scouting it out as a drive-by!    An attractive, well-maintained home with outstanding curb appeal will create a longing & hankering in buyers to see the inside of your home!  Low cost curb appeal tips:

  • It is the winter season!  Best curb appeal EVER:  Shoveled, plowed, cleared, sanded & salted sidewalks, stoops & driveways!  
  • Trim trees & bushes so they don't overhang on roofs, sidewalks, driveways & to prevent them blocking windows & cutting down on natural light.
  • Buying a new doormat & replacing your mailbox creates a mood of newness to potential buyers even before they walk in the house! 
  • Polish/replace house numbers, door knobs.  Low cost way again creates a mood of newness to potential buyers even before they walk in the house!  
  • Dress up the front door!  Clean & paint the door, exterior lighting & hardware. For a finishing touch add wreath, swag to set the ultimate welcoming air.


2. Declutter!  Get rid of the hodgepodge in your home!  It's very distracting to buyers, brings down the value of your home & delays the selling timeframe of your home.

  • Start simple.  Clean out attics, basements, garages & sheds.  Let the buyers mentally picture all the stuff they can store in them.
  • Remove & store pictures, personal items & seasonal knickknacks.  Remember, we want potential buyers to visualize their own items in your home.
  • Clean out closets, clear the kitchen counters, organize cupboards, shelves, bathrooms & broom closets.  Buyers love to peek at the spaciousness in your home.


3. Clean!  Cleanliness & household smells set the mood for your showings!  

  • Keep everything extra clean. Wash fingerprints from light switch plates. Mop and wax floors. Clean the stove and refrigerator. A clean house makes a better first impression &  convinces buyers that the home has been well cared for.
  • Get rid of smells. Clean carpeting & drapes to eliminate cooking odors, smoke, & pet smells. Open the windows.
  • Wash windows, sliding glass doors, French doors & all screens so the natural lighting can dazzle potential buyers.


The staging tips selected by Monarch Realty Inc. are the most common complaints we receive from prospective buyers.    Contact us for more information on staging your home in Berkshire County or Southern VT.

For your convenience, we've made a downloadable version of our brochure, "Monarch Realty's Inc.'s Staging Recommendations available in a pdf file.  

Click on file below:

Monarch Realty Inc.'s Select Staging Recommendations Tips for Sellers

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